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The chatbot for internal tasks management

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IndustriesInformation, Telecommunications

Our client is a global provider of software solutions for the telecommunications and utility industries. The company’s products enable service providers and carriers to run a broad line of retail and wholesale services within a single software package.

PortaOne is all built around their clients’ service. This time it was necessary to simplify their internal processes, helping everyone stay integrated into work.

The company’s CEO found our team to build a Slackbot, and we started working in a couple of weeks.

The challenge

The issue PortaOne faced is quite common. Using several managing tools at the same time is always complicated. PortaOne did not want to waste their team’s time on switching between apps anymore. PortaOne's SEO came up with the idea of integrating its project management system into Slack.

The company needed a team with experience in integrating 3rd party apps into Slack and the knowledge of how internal processes are automated to save time for investigation and help the in-house development department focus on the other issues.

The solution


Investigation phase - 1 week.

The general project’s discussion lasted for two weeks and helped us in a deeper understanding of the exact client’s needs. We upgraded some of the requested technologies, optimized the way of the instruments’ usage, and simplified several operations. Also, we figured out that we need to create a separate app’s working scenarios for several different roles in the company.

We found a way to deal with the issues Slack has (connected to assignments and authorization via chat-bots), so the tool works comfortably. Our previous experience with сhatbots development helped a lot.

We offered our client a phased implementation plan, delivered by a team of highly skilled experts with great expertise in slack integrations, which would let our client’s teams stay focused on ongoing work.

Phase one

Task submission app/bot for Slack - general The goal is to provide an easy-to-use interface for submitting a task to a colleague/subordinate
That included:

  • A way to choose the type of task
  • A simple form to enter the required parameters for the task (they may differ between different tasks)
  • Slack notifications sent to the requester/executor based on the status change
  • Actions to change the task status (e.g. decline a new task)
Phase two

Slack bot for idea submission: 

Client  employees, who have an idea for improving things, want to submit them conveniently (without having to look up instructions separately). Innovations committee members want submitted ideas to have all relevant details

The done

As our team has great expertise working with Slack bot and 3rd party API integrations, the Fivewalls team has great expertise to create a fast solution that gives our client the opportunity to reinvest those saved expenses to expand and develop the business further.

Helping our client to cut costs required saving the knowledge and expertise of the operational teams.


  • MVP has done in 1 week
  • several instruments updated, optimized and simplified
  • created several scenarios for different roles usage
  • found a way to overcome Slack default issues (connected to assignments and authorization via chat-bots)
  • integrated YouTrack into Slack
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