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interactive marketing platform

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IndustriesInformation, Marketing

MindBuild is an Australian e-learning company that creates customized interactive experiences to gain insights into customers and employees — mostly through surveys.

Their team creates highly engaging courses that increase learning retention and provides the possibility to Build and design personalized automation to provide instant value for customers and prospects.

Our client creates fully customized products. Their customers can add any form of media to capture your brand and style! From 2D animations, audio, interactions, and videos.

The challenge

After having a poor experience with a development team who did not meet multiple key milestones. Our client hoped to fix the issues of an existing web on an initial phase of the development.

Before Fivewalls LTD, the backend of the application was a complete mess and featured significant security vulnerabilities.

We already had experience in building EdTech products, so the whole process went fine.

The solution


MindBuild needed a development team that would be capable of web application development and software integration. After some analysis was made, we discovered that we needed a general code refactoring above all. Also, we planned to set the background processes for the team.

They relied on us to recreate the entire backend of a web application so it would allow providing a unique, cost-effective and easy-to-use service for both sides.


The team re-shaped and fine-tuned our client’s infrastructure, keeping in mind the possible limitations and risks that could occur during the implementation process (like services availability, data consistency, and performance spike bottlenecks)

The agile process with iterations run through Jira.

Resources involved : 3 Full Stack developers

The done

Our client received a cost optimization that would reduce their development expenses by 30% or more. Fivewalls delivered a rapid and effective solution to a time-critical problem left from the previous team.

  • reinvented the project’s general architecture
  • user experience improved
  • secured the system’s data
  • improved code constantly 
  • created a user registration gateway
  • created an internal analytics dashboard
  • developed the landing pages
  • conducted a security audit
  • coordinated a software final integration
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