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A blockchain-based logistics web application

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Date2019 - 2022

Dockflow is a container tracking platform made simple. Started in Antwerp, Belgium, where a big international port is located, it is designed for tracking worldwide temperature-controlled shipments. It features a smart, open and automated logistics system.

Dockflow’s team strives for a transition from traditional supply chains to the very effective interconnected sets of agile and dynamic trade networks embodied in the concept of the Physical Internet.

The challenge

Dockflow needed a web-based logistics application: easy-manageable for users and well-engineered from the inside. The goal was to create an open, digital backbone for data exchange in global trade networks.

After running a pilot version and implementing the features that were needed for the launch, we paused our partnership for about 6 months. During that period Dockflow worked a lot with branding and communications, figured out what else they needed for customer satisfaction, and got back to us with a new flow of tasks. Currently, we are working on implementing several new features, including some additional temperature tracking data and new location sensors implementing.

  1. Easy-manageable and well-engineered application
  2. Implementing several new features
  3. An example of what had to be done

The solution


Our team introduced new solutions that resulted in:

  • Сreating and implementing the project’s general architecture
  • Developing speed rise
  • New features architecture developed
  • Constant improvement of the code
  • Securing the system’s data with blockchain technology
  • Integrating several third-party APIs
  • Running a three-month pilot version and testing all the created features on a partner’s logistics company

The Fivewalls team worked via Agile development with Sprints with SCRUM master. Resources involved: 4 full-stack developers in total.

New features implementation

Sensors and tracking devices integration

Collection and processing of location data to determine in which state (detention/demurrage) a cargo is at any given time

The done

The collaboration between Dockflow and Fivewalls provided faster new feature development. As a startup, Dockflow needed to launch quickly. To increase the efficiency of development, our services was a logical choice for this project, as it provided:

Сreated and implemented the project’s general architecture

  • delivered a three-month pilot version and tested all the created features on a partner’s logistics company
  • secured the system’s data with blockchain technology
  • several third-party APIs integrations

New feature added:

  • Cargo track and analyzing system
  • Admin dashboard development
  • Notification cargo (using Websockets)
  • File handling
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