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How to deal with the timezone gap between teams?

Businesses are already convoluted and going global is the need of the hour. How do you maintain the growth continuum despite the fact that your business now runs 24/7 around the world? We understand that going global entails tons of opportunities to grow and discover newer markets for your products and services. However, the going global phenomenon isn’t something new. Alexander the Great became the pioneer of global business when he established the “empire on which the sun never sets”. A business that spanned across several time zones.

In this article you will discover why working with us works well for your business as we help you manage your operations (or other services offered by Fivewalls) seamlessly. We will also share the techniques used by business Pros to fluently manage their global businesses.

Common reasons for working with colleagues from abroad

As your business expands across the globe, it becomes important to understand the dynamics of different markets. Meeting your colleagues from overseas will help gain a perspective regarding the following:

  • Latest developments in their region – Politics, economics, sports, music, etc
  • Holidays they celebrate – establish a rapport
  • Their customs – helps in understanding them better
  • And most importantly, as you exhibit interest to know them better, they’ll be your fans

Why relocation is not the best solution?

The idea of relocation almost always passes through the global entrepreneur’s mind, at least once. This inclination isn’t unique either, several Kings moved their capitals for better control over their territories. However, you should consider the following pitfalls that you may face upon relocation:

  • Relocation is expensive
  • Learning curve to ‘blending in’
  • Culture shock
  • Licensing and documentation for your business
  • Building new networks form scratch

How you can make a profit out of the time gap

Time is money. Dealing with people and partners in same time zone comes to us naturally. They go to sleep and get up at same time as us. As the time zones change there are bound to be communication gaps. On a given day, you might be starting your workday in the office, while your overseas colleagues might be approaching closing business hours. This has an impact the speed of customer service driven companies.

This even translates to availability of lesser working hours for tasks where simultaneous collaboration is required. It is this time difference that makes operations inefficient. Your company should focus on getting maximum output from the limited collaborative working hours. We can help you profit from the time zone gaps, don’t let information delay affect your company.

Management tips for working with other timezones

Approaching an issue with a plan is the mantra to handling timezone issues. Always have a plan at hand. Here are a few management tips that your business can follow to efficiently sail through timezone related issues:

  • Agile communications are the key – Teams from all over the world need to stay connected as they are interdependent. All possible modes of communication should be available to them at all times to deliver on performance.
  • Avoid communication gaps – Although communication gaps may emanate from language and customs differences, timezone too has its role to play in communication break-ups. You should identify the gaps and curtail them before they lead to miscommunication snowballing.
  • Trust your team and they will trust you back – It is only human for team to build mutual trust amongst its member. And this is not a one-time affair. Trust the local leaders to chisel out local issues, enter the turf only when situation seems to go overboard. Delegate responsibility and empower the team, this is a big motivator.
  • Co-ordinate through the language and custom barriers – Employees in a global business perceive language barriers as a hinderance to communication. Work towards finding ways to bring everyone on a common platform focused towards a common cause.
  • Culture differences – You can’t change someone’s culture, nor is it a good idea. Culture makes human beings what they are. Focus on building your company’s work ethics, and let everyone everywhere contribute towards it.
  • Resolve conflicts – before they make into the mainstream. Systems should be set in place to quickly identify and reduce conflicts at workplace. 
  • Being approachable – Companies that maintain a flat structure and are agile remain successful in the challenging global environment. They have a clear line of communication available for people across hierarchies. This motivates the teams and builds confidence.


Working with remote and virtual teams may sound trendy. It is also hard to handle. Avoiding co-ordination nightmares is very much a daily practice.

Let us help you in avoiding reduction in production costs to turn into increase in co-ordination costs. We help you with technology that handles these issues properly and tactfully. The triumph of success is definitely worth the effort.